Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tempting fate at GW Jacksonville

(or, willpower, I haz it!)

Just in case anyone was wondering about my trip down to the GW Jacksonville, Florida store last week. This image pretty much sums it up...


(although some of the models would be cool for adding to my bits box for conversions!)

I'm actually amazed that I didn't pick anything up during my trip (as quick as it was), and I'm kind of disappointed I didn't take any photos of the 30k game that was going on when I showed up.  I did get to see +Christopher Bergeron (from Addicted to Resin) put a hurting on some Solar Auxilia with his Knights before they went critical from haywire hits.  Of course, in every explosive death of a Traitor Knight, he was fortunate enough to "scatter" into the Loyalist forces.  His incredible Samus model made it onto the table as well, but was sadly overshadowed by the dreaded "Closing Time".

Anyway, it was a great time for a quick trip and my apologies on the lack of images!! (worst blogger, EVER!)