Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pegasus Hexagon terrain - Painted!

(must... fight... terrain... block!)

What to do with all of this??
I'll get something built out of the Pegasus Hobbies' Hexagon Construction set, eventually!  The only way to fight through this is to just jump in, build terrain and paint it!

Fighting through the "terrain builder's block, I opted to build a few of the ideas I had worked out previously, and then just see where my imagination and a box of sprues took me!

If you remember, I made a hexagon-shaped shipping container in my previous experiments to see how the parts went together. I built two of the containers, two low hex-platforms and some strange Ad-Mech walker-like maintenance platforms (to go with my Knights).  The hexagonal platforms can be seen at right with one of the taller maintenance platforms. (ladders are included in the set and I left them unglued so I could assemble them to the desired height based on the terrain.

The odd-looking platform at right was intended to provide an elevated spot for units to shoot from while getting a bit of cover. Ideally I would have had enough parts to expand  out in the other two directions, but after two of the containers, I'm starting to run short of large floor sections.

Using the same Krylon Red Oxide paint that I covered the Mantic terrain in, I decided to paint up some of the Hexagons.

Painted with the basecoat of Red Oxide, the platforms look like this.  I did a bit of an experiment to see what washes looked best with the Red Oxide, by painting up a section of the hexagon with the AP Soft, Strong and Dark Tone washes to see which ones really gave the look I wanted.  (Which if you are curious, is "heavily used but not dilapidated"!)

Starting at the bottom and moving counter-clockwise, AP Soft, Stong and Dark Tones
  After the fact I had to mask my experiment, so I went back and placed a wash over the entire platform and added some GW Typhus Corrosion to the look in order to cover the darker tones and make it look like some hapless adept had spilled a drum or two containing "Ass Sweat of the Most Revered Emperor" all across the platform.

Platform with tones (somewhat) evened out
Platform with Typhus Corrosion applied
Moving on to the shipping containers.  I applied the choice of AP Soft Tone to the appropriate recesses (and thanks to +Christopher Bergeron for the extra bottles, I'll be needing them!), and will add a few Mechanicum decals here and there to complete the look.

Now I just have to put the AP Soft Tone wash on the big platform and I'll have some table-ready terrain pieces that don't look too much like they just jumped out of a GW Catalog and onto the gaming table!
unwashed platform, just waiting to take up the better part of a morning's painting time!