Friday, May 31, 2013

Bitz Box to the Rescue

(It IS better to be lucky than good...)

   You've heard me reference the copious amounts of random bits that I've acquired over time, and it paid dividends again today.  I knew I had a few dreadnaught bits in the lot that I'd bought, but I had no idea how useful they would be for my latest eBay rescue.

  So I picked up a Dreadnaught that was broken off from its base, but otherwise intact.  A TL Lascannon and close combat fist came with the mini, with a ghastly prime job, but good enough for my use.  I was pleasantly surprised that the lascannon arm was already magnetized, as I had noticed that the mini had none of the pins that hold the weapon arms in place.  The close combat arm wasn't magnetized, but that was an easy fix... however, the arm didn't have any of the add-on weapons, specifically the storm bolter I wanted to use as the baseline accessory weapon for the dread.
   Well, I knew that I had a series of pintle-mounted storm bolters in the bitz box, so it was off to dig around through the weapons and see what I could find to kitbash onto the dread's arm.  As I dug through the bits box, I found a funny looking bolter with a strange ammo feed, and after looking closer, it was nothing other than the add-on bolter for a close-combat arm!
Now, to just magnetize it and dig through the other bits to see if I'm lucky enough to have a heavy flamer as well!