Monday, May 06, 2013

Repairing the Land Raider Terminus Ultra pt 1

(or "its just a simple fix")

   So my latest "quick" project just arrived in the mail.  Quite a deal really, a Land Raider Terminus Ultra for $37, shipping included.  Of course the cheap price was due to the weapons being broken off of their mounts,  but that won't be too hard to fix.

  Of course with the sponsons being broken I think it will be a good opportunity to make some custom weapon mounts, but that might be detail lost to the casual observer.  Worst case I at least now have a proxy model for a LR Crusader for my SM army, during those times I don't need a tank killer like the LR Terminus Ultra.  It has been mildly entertaining for me to read all of the posts about how worthless this vehicle is, blah, blah... with people forgetting it wasn't designed to shoot all of its lascannons at a SMALL target!

 Thankfully it already has a green paint job with highlights, so it won't stick out too bad with my SM paint scheme, but I'll have to get around to painting over it sooner rather than later... perhaps when my friend +Matt Genuardi loans me his airbrush for a few weeks!
   The real question is do I cut to the chase, repair the sponsons and leave it as a Terminus Ultra, or do I try to carefully deconstruct it to make it magnetic and modular??  Comments / Ideas??