Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Mk6 Armor Dilemma

(or why make life easy on yourself?)

   Since the majority of my old minis are from the original Rogue Trader days, I have decided that I might as well stick with that look.  I mean, who wants an orphaned squad that doesn't blend in with the rest of the army, right??

   So here is where the insanity begins.  I think I'll keep all of my SM armor kits to Mk6 and older.  That can't be that hard, right?  Oh, and I'm not going to use the current plastic kit and just add the Mk-6 heads, as that doesn't match the Rogue Trader look.  Shouldn't be too hard to do, right?  I'm sure I can just pick up some cast off kits on eBay and keep this project inside of a reasonable budget!
(insert ominous music here)
   Okay, so maybe I was naive, or maybe, like most addicts, I just wanted to justify my addiction, so off to eBay I went...

   And 120 bucks later I had my first fix!

Fortunately (at least for the wallet) I had found a 40K player who was getting out of the hobby after not playing for 15 years.  56 miniatures for $120-ish, wasn't too bad of a start.  Two squads were painted and based, ready to add to my army, and the rest were in great condition.  Plenty of old Rogue Trader era figures here, adding quite a bit of nostalgia to my excitement at unboxing them.  My eBay seller also parted with an old Mk2 Predator for a reasonable price, but that is the subject of another post...