Friday, May 10, 2013

Pre-Heresy Predator pt 1

(or how NOT to save money on eBay)

In the process of getting a good deal on the bundle of Mk6 minis, I found the same seller had a Predator Destructor, with the Pre-Heresy Styling

The vehicle is in great condition, it just needs a suitable paint job, so perhaps I'll actually get around to "finishing" this one since it is almost done for me!

Of course here is a great mod that has been done combining an old Predator turret and sponsons with a "current" Rhino hull:

Since I've got a fair number of extra sponsons and turrets, I may just have to whip up one of these for a current Rhino kit!  
I've got extra Rhino doors as well, so I may just mount a sponson kit to the doors so that it clips in and out of my magnetized Rhino with little fuss... of course I may now regret using the small 1/16th magnets to hold those doors on!