Sunday, May 05, 2013

Starting off

(Or how not to dust off a collection of minis 18 years later)

    After not having played Warhammer 40k for nearly 18 years, for some strange reason I decided to get back into the hobby.  While removing my old miniatures from storage, I thought it might be good to grab some snapshots of what I had on hand, if for no other reason then to help me to make an "informed" decision before I purchased any new kit. (oh, how naive of me!)

    I was just starting to get into the hobby when I began my full time career, which put the brakes on any army building.  As we all know, once an army goes into the shoebox, and then into the attic, it rarely makes it  back onto the tabletop.  Shortly before I stopped playing I had expanded my collection with an Imperial Guard platoon and some old-school Genestealers. (great targets for those rules-learning solo matches!)  An hour or so later I had finished repackaging my other minis while sorting the SM minis into a few units.  Multiple moves and the ravages of time had not been too hard on my figures.  A few missing heads here, a separated torso there, but nothing that was impossible to fix.  The worst damage was to my ego as I realized just how horrible my paint job was!
   The Tacticals:

   Terminator Squad:

And the rest are just to terrible to show. (of course I blame that on using a cell phone camera, as it couldn't be the amateurish paint job on the figures... no, not at all!)

   So here it begins.  Now I have to turn this bundle of figures, half of which are still just primered, into a respectable, playable SM army.  Maybe it is a good thing that I like a challenge...