Monday, May 20, 2013

Rogue Trader Land Raider - FINALLY

Well, I guess patience pays off.  After kicking around and finally getting the good deal on the Land Raider Terminus Ultra that I'm repairing, I kept looking for a Rogue Trader-era Land Raider.  Fortunately I managed to score one for about $40 after shipping.

I haven't figured out how far I'm going to break this one down, and it all kinda depends on my first "exploratory surgery" of the hatches, etc.  Plus I don't have a lot of spare bits to repair anything I break on this one!  In the end, it may get a quick repaint in order to roll out table ready with my next deployment.  I've got a few kitbashed projects that are waiting for a Rogue Trader LR frame, but they'll have to take a back burner until I finish my "Current era" LR rebuild in progress!  More to come...